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SlendyTubbies Reboot

Venture into the serie world of ‘SlendyTubbies Reboot’, where childhood nostalgia turns into a chilling nightmare. Lost in a forest with nothing but a flashlight, you must find 10 scattered ‘tubbiecustards’ to survive the night and unlock the mystery that lurks in the darkness. But tread carefully, for a sinister Teletubbie stalks you through the shadows. With each harrowing step, collect scattered notes that piece together a tale of twisted fables. Will you emerge from the woods unscathed, or will you fall prey to the horrors that await? Join the harrowing hunt and find out if you have what it takes to survive ‘SlendyTubbies Reboot’.

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Night At The Castle

Immerse yourself in a night of mystery and horror in Night at the Castle, a Five Nights at Freddy’s style survival experience. You are a security guard in a seemingly abandoned castle, but behind its calm facade lies a dark story. Discover secrets and face horrors as you unravel an intriguing plot.Find all the easter eggs of the game and discover the truth. (Early Access).

night at the castle, fnaf, fivenightsatfreddys, fnaf security breach, fnaf 2024

Night At The Castle: Arcade

Learn more about Night At The Castle lore with this game! Put together the pieces of the plot with the mini-games and discover revelations that will give more meaning to the whole lore.
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Vice Strike

Dive into the adrenaline-pumping world of ‘Vice Strike’, a high-octane action shooter that brings the arcade thrill to Steam. Set against the vibrant backdrop of 80s Miami, this game merges rapid gameplay and an electric soundtrack to keep your pulse racing. Armed only with your reflexes and an evolving arsenal, navigate through a city pulsating with neon-lit danger. From dodging bullets to taking down crime lords, each level challenges you with breakneck speed and tactical mayhem. With ‘Vice Strike’, expect a vibrant escapade that’s as much about style as it is about action. Prepare for succinct missions packed with intensity – short, sweet, and infinitely replayable. Perfect for speedrunners and action aficionados alike, ‘Vice Strike’ is set to make a striking debut on Steam.

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(Only in Spanish) Adéntrate en un oscuro futuro distópico en Blackguard, un juego único creado en RPG Maker VX Ace. Sumérgete en un mundo donde un gobierno mundial omnipotente, conocido como el GCM (Gobierno Central Mundial), controla todo a través de la publicidad y la censura. En el papel del protagonista, NEO, te verás involucrado en una intrincada trama mientras te enfrentas al GCM y luchas por la libertad.

Características Destacadas:

-Una trama envolvente en un mundo distópico.

-Desafíos estratégicos y decisiones que definirán tu destino.

-Un mundo denso y opresivo lleno de secretos y misterios por descubrir.

Prepárate para una aventura en un mundo gobernado por la opresión y la manipulación en Blackguard. ¿Tienes lo que se necesita para cambiar el destino del mundo?